INTERVIEW: Roland Wolf, ROLF Spectacles

Who or what inspires you outside of the optical industry?

We are very passionated about vintage cars. Our ROLF frames and vintage cars have one thing in common: they are collector's items, distinctive through classic design achieved by precise and perfected technology. 

But our biggest inspirator are the Tyrolean mountains. We love this pristine and natural landscape. Again and again it provides the energy and creativity for new inventions. 

What optician or optical do you admire. Why?

We admire opticians with a fine sense for design and technology, who are looking for something special and who appreciate at the same time values like tradition and love for nature. Nowadays there are many chains so independent opticians need to focus on high end eyewear and perfect service. Handcraft is also an important factor for us and should be lived by the opticians as well.

You win the lottery. What happens next?

We would be very happy to win the lottery, but it would not change anything in our life with exception of some more vintage cars and the start capital to fulfill another crazy ideas. We never started our business because of money - we want to be our own chiefs with the aim to do what we want. 

 One piece of advice for an inspiring optician?

Our eyewear frames are for people who are looking for something unique or extraordinary. The frames are 100% out of wood including the hinge, so there is no use of metal or plastic, which makes our frames suitable for allergy sufferers as well. The glasses are maintenance-free and eco-friendly, beside they come in great designs.

Every piece of our collections is unique and should be understood like that.

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