INTERVIEW: Fritz Schwarz, Fritz Frames

Share a story from the past 12 months.

We have been operating for 6 years now and the past 12 months have been HUGE!
Last year at the 2015 ODMA we were awarded the Best Sunglasses Design Award - this was such a thrill for us as we were up against some very big names. In June this year we celebrated the 2000th frame ever made, nearly exactly 3 years after our 1000th frame party! So we're on track and keeping up consistency in the workshop.

Travel -- where you going? Who you bringing?

Thinking a lot about Brazil at the moment.
I'd be taking my most excellent partner in crime of course! my wife, Mary.

Tell us about one of your favorite quotes.

"Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen."

In English I guess you would say practice makes perfect but it has a slightly different feel somehow.

What movie should we see? How come?

Victoria - a wonderful new German film directed by Sebastian Schipper.
It's a night out in Berlin in real time - a taut 140 minutes – in one single continuous shot!
Not only is the film über clever but it's so nice to see the familiar streets of Berlin :-)

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