"We have the technology."

Do you remember that phrase from the old TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man?" When it comes to optimizing our patients' vision, we too have the technology! PD rulers and markers have served us admirably for many, many years. With advances in lens designs and free form manufacturing technology it is time for an upgrade in what we do and how we do it. Here are 5 considerations when fitting lenses:

  1. The measurement values affect the way that the lenses will perform as well as ensuring that your patients get the most out of modern of lens designs.

  2. The measurements form a 3-dimensional measurement matrix of the lenses in a frame.

  3. Monocular PDs and Fitting Height measurements are particularly important, especially as the power of the lens increases. Lenses that are not properly placed horizontally and vertically can induce prismatic and power errors. Accurate measurements are equally critical to your single vision wearers.

  4. POW -or position of wear - values can also affect the way that each lens performs visually. POW measures the lens tilt about the horizontal axis (pantoscopic tilt), vertex distance (how close the lens is to the eye) and lens tilt, about the vertical axis, called face form or wrap angle.

  5. Within your ordering system (EyeConnecT or DVI) you can now enter POW measurements. Entering the measurement is worth the time.

You can not afford to be in the "good enough" business. You differentiate your independent practice by taking the time to ensure every detail optimizes your patients' vision.

Incorrect measurements can lead to induced, unwanted prism, visual discomfort, double vision, displaced reading area tilt effects as a result of induced marginal astigmatism and magnification or power changes.

Some vision plans will compensate ECPs for taking the time to take these additional measurements. Your local HOYA Territory Sales Manager can provide you with more details as well as advice on how to measure properly using modern measurement devices such as the Optikam Pad.