Candy Crush'es Accommodative System - 3 Ways to Win!

What Is the New Normal? By Dr. Thomas Gosling

Our accommodative systems are being challenged like never before, especially our kids.

Look at any pack of teens, tweens or tikes and most of them have their faces just inches from a smart phone or tablet. Watching TV has become a multiple-medium event and schools are moving towards tablet based text books.

The frequency kids are alternating between distance and near, convergence and divergence, is higher than ever before and on the rise.

What are we seeing in the exam room? More complaints of blurred vision, headaches and fatigue. Parents are telling us their kids are having a hard time with reading, taking special classes, and the need for more tutors due to trouble focusing in class.

Why? The accommodative system cannot handle these changes! So what can we do?

1 Winning Demonstration

When I have a child in the chair with Digital Eye Strain symptoms I have them read. Then I hold the +1.00 flipper in front of their eyes for several seconds. Then I take it away and watch the reaction. There is often a "Whoa!" and they pull the page away. The parent sees this reaction too.

2 Winning with Sync

Many times I have had success with Sync from HOYA. Sync is a single vision lens that offers you the choice of either .55 or .88 diopters of increased plus power activated across the bottom of the lens.

3 Winning with Questions and an Open Mind

I have been adding questions to my patient questionnaires for children and specifically asking about their grades, if they are having trouble reading in school, have they been tutored, or have special classes been suggested. These are not signs of behavior or intelligence issues, these are vision issues!

Be open-minded to prescribing plano lenses with Sync and Recharge AR treatment to help out a young patient with DES related symptoms.

Sync is a great engine for relaxation without distortion or adaption problems.

Be on the look out as you visit with your school aged patients for signs of accommodative stress. HOYA empowers independent practices with science, technology, and innovation. Use HOYA’s lens designs, materials and treatments to differentiate your brand in your community.

Dr. Thomas Gosling practices in Littleton, CO and is on HOYA's ECP Advisory Panel.