How to engage a customer 101 : Tell a story [Holly Forstad]

I recently took my daughter shopping at the mall for some back-to-school clothes.  Naturally, I couldn’t help but stop into some of my favorite shops to browse for myself.

My plan was not to purchase anything for myself since I was already spending way too much on my daughter. But, my browsing turned into purchasing because of one special sales associate.

He told me the story.  He told me about how excited he was about the new fall collection. About how there is a new creative director for the company, and how the styles have taken on a new quality of classic with an edge (which is my style, which I’m sure he could tell).  He told me about the silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and about which pieces would make good choices for me.


This young man’s enthusiasm was undeniably contagious.

I bought some beautiful new shirts, and I love them!

My goal is to take this experience and do an even better job engaging a customer and getting them interested and excited about our frame collections.

Every frame line has a history and has a story to tell. Where do they draw their inspiration from? Who founded the company? What is their color story for the season? Where are the frames made and why does that matter?

Instead of walking up to a browsing customer and asking the expected “How can I help you today?”, surprise them and jump into some interesting facts about the frames they’re looking at.

Do your research and tell the story.