The Good ‘ole Brick and Mortar (or “Why Warby Doesn't Scare Me”)

Here they come…. Warby is opening a brick and mortar store in our market.

Thank you, Warby.

You have now confirmed and validated my belief that glasses can’t be successfully sold only online.

You need an expert. You need advice. You need service. You need personalized measurements. You need customized fitting and adjustments. You need repairs. You need a human being with skill and expertise.

You want an experience. You want to touch and feel and try on multiple pairs. You want to see various shapes, sizes and colors. You want variety. You want an expert opinion.

We let customers check out frames and bring them home in a pretty box to show friends and family, too.  The difference is, we start with 1000 frames in our store for them to select from in person. 

Opticians are very valuable.  Keep sharpening your skills, staying up on the latest technology and trends, going above and beyond for your customers, and explaining to your customers all the benefits of buying glasses from a trained and certified optician. 

We will always be needed.

I am proud to be an Optician!