It's Time to be a Tattletale!

About one year ago, we had a customer enlighten us that she could purchase the same exact frames that she liked in our optical from an online retailer for a lot less.

Not a super big surprise, but pretty big disappointment.

We asked her to share with us the name of the website where she made this purchase, then promptly emailed our Rep for this frame line and simply stated that we were not happy. 

Fast forward one year. We had forgotten all about this incident. Then, we received a unexpected email from our Rep.  He had forwarded on our email to his Director of Corporate Affairs, and they were able to track down the account that had been supplying this website with frames and get this website back in compliance with their MSRP. We were encouraged by them to continue reporting any non-complaint websites, as they are constantly working on the problem.

One small battle won!

I encourage you to be a tattletale, too.