Fashion + Compassion = My Passion

Being an optician brings out the best in me.  I love helping people. Helping them look their best. Helping the see their best.

I studied Fashion Design in college so,  as you can imagine , I love styling a client into a frame that makes them look amazing.  And, researching and viewing  a new frame line brings out my inner fashion critic. I love knowing the story behind the frame line....where the designers get their inspiration from, what makes the styles unique?  Clients love to hear those stories too, so I share them. It gives more meaning to the frame and puts it in a new light. Like a piece of art .

People love to feel good about how they look.  If I can make someone happy in that small way, it makes my day. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so I try to  always be compassionate and always be kind.