Not Just For Your Grandparents

My grandparents were not wealthy in any sense of the word but they gave all they had while they were alive. They both wore glasses for as long as I knew them and I will never forget how adamant they were about getting Transition lenses each time their bifocals needed updating (yes, neither wore progressive lenses... true old-school). For them, the photochromic capability was crucial when they could only afford one pair of prescription glasses.  

How exciting the early 90's were when Transitions first rolled onto the scene... though not the first photochromatic technology on the market, obviously they did something right. The formula within the plastic lens, the clarity, and the activation timing during UV exposure really set them above the previous designs. Let's be honest here... how many people do you hear speaking about photocromatic lenses of any kind and refer to them as "Transitions"? That speaks volumes about the company's mission to give you "just the right amount of light".

Honestly, growing up seeing my grandparents rocking Transitions put a stigma in my brain regarding the lens option. As I've said in a previous post, I was a sunglasses nut before I actually required visual correction. When I first got glasses I thought there was no way I would choose to wear something my grandparents did, but it turns out even a lover of sunglasses can appreciate the benefits of Transitions (especially present-day when there are so many Transitions options catered to your specific needs).  

Though I will never give up my actual prescription sunglasses, I have now happily found myself with four pairs of frames with Transitions lenses (Transitions Signature - two Gray, two Green).  The only specific downside I've experienced has to do with the cold weather conditions in New Hampshire (this winter hasn't really been a problem so far!). When the darkening happens in the cold, it seems to take much longer to come back to clear... luckily, I'm not one to complain about wearing sunglasses inside... "I wear my sunglasses at niiiight".  

My favorite part about wearing Transitions (and I can imagine I'm not alone in this) is the walk from my car to the store. I cannot even say how many times I've forgotten to take my sunglasses off before going into the store or into an appointment or into a RESTAURANT.  I need my glasses to see but wearing my sunglasses inside for too long makes me feel rude.  TRANSITIONS TO THE RESCUE. Though I'm still doing a "glasses switch", having my Transitions on lets me forget about my eyewear and whether or not I have the appropriate pair on. The next step for me is to acquire some Transitions XTRActive lenses and never have to switch glasses again.