Dear Stress, let's break up.

February is back again and I'm here to pay tribute to Low Vision Awareness (also to both AMD and American Heart Awareness). Your eyes and your heart have a lot to do with each other... well, I mean your eyes have a lot to do with a lot of things going on in your body but that's besides the point. Apart from being the "window to your soul", your eyes are also the "window to your internal health" and can be the first to manifest any cardiovascular or systemic disease. The more severe a person's hypertension or coronary artery disease is, the greater risk of developing age-related macular degeneration.

So how do we make our hearts healthier to give our eyes the best chance at standing the test of time? Well, obviously there are lists and forums and articles and whatnot giving you tips to keep your physical health in tip-top shape, but one of the heaviest hitters for me is STRESS.

Though the American Heart Association claims no direct, scientific evidence that stress causes heart problems, they do recognize that the affects of stress can cause a chain-reaction leading to other bodily reactions or unhealthy habits proven to damage the heart. Regardless, lowering stress levels can lower your risk of heart problems... which in turn can lower your risk of eye-related diseases.  

And how do we lower our stress levels? Besides calling your mom or ditching your bad-tempered boss or practicing meditation, there are other non-traditional ways to de-stress. Below is an incredible infographic on lowering your stress levels. Enjoy!

10 Weird Tricks.jpg