“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”

When I took over for the previous Optician at the practice I’m at, one of my first tasks was to decorate my workspace because I find that being surrounded by inspirational images and quotations keeps my creativity center stimulated.  I’ve taken pictures mostly from frame manufacturer catalogs (because honestly, the photography is usually GORGEOUS) and I’ve printed and clipped different quotes that pluck my heartstrings. 

My particular favorite section is a place in the corner I’ve designated to “Things Patient’s Say” because who hasn’t had a patient or customer say something unexpected?  The ones I come back to over and over:

“I was so excited about my glasses, I forgot to put my teeth in!”

“I want a bifocal NOT a trifocal… I don’t go grocery shopping anymore.”

“These glasses have changed your personality!” 

“LOOK at the WORLD!” 

A fortune cookie fortune has even made it amongst the cabinet stimuli: “There are no bad days; some are just better than others.”  On those (not) bad days, those days that just seem to never end, I’ll catch something in the lab that I forgot I put there so many months ago and am reminded of how funny life can be.

Thanks to Dr. Seuss for the blog title inspiration.