The Borderland Between Dream and Memory [Heather Stearns]

The term “Low Vision” can be used to describe partial sight to complete vision loss that may not be fully corrected with surgery, medication, or optical devices.  The approximate 246 million people living worldwide who fall in the low vision classification (so says the World Health Organization); age-related macular degeneration effects nearly 11 million Americans. 

Considering February is Low Vision Awareness Month, I wanted to take a moment to share an article/short documentary from a first person point-of-view: “Notes on Blindness”.  John Hull lost his vision in 1983 and then proceeded to record his own journal entries about his experience; referring to the blindness as “a dark, paradoxical gift” that forces him to reshape his life. 

If you’ve got 12 minutes, watch the video.  Peter Middleton and James Spinney directed a beautiful film to which they overlaid John’s actual journal recordings and it’s posted through the New York Times opinion page (link:  This first-hand account of finding life through blindness is something that resonates through time.