Salt Pan Creations

After my first few months as an Optician, I wanted to get a better understanding of how much heat/bending a frame can take.  I have a large bin labeled “Frame Graveyard” to which I keep frame parts for those times when a frame repair is a little more complicated and I need a temporary (in some cases a more long-term) fix. 

I began taking scrap frames and melted and reshaped them.  With some additional hot glue, half-marbles, and lenses I’ve custom cut (for the teeth on the bottom “face”), I’ve made probably a dozen different creations.  I’ve had requests for a pin-backing on the butterfly shapes for recycled jewelry (which I LOVE). 

I find that as I’ve gained more experience as an Optician, I’ve actually gotten busier (rather, happily taken on more projects) so I don’t have as much “play time” as I used to.  I am still wildly fascinated with plastic frames though… I love luscious colors and patterns and am always searching for different materials and treatments.