Little Four Eyes

Maybe I'm a bit weird in my history of loving eye wear. Maybe I was the child who was fascinated by glasses so much that I longed to have an issue with my vision. It wasn't until high school when I was the girl who sat in the back of the classroom and talked too much that I realized I struggled seeing the board. How exciting it was for me to get to pick out my first frame! A metal Liz Claiborne frame to house my first lenses... yet, I found I didn't mind seeing without them, the frame wasn't exciting, AND at this point in life I was in love with my collection of sunglasses (which obviously didn't fit well over my regular glasses) so with true teenaged behavior, I ditched the medical device for personal style.  

After high school, I tried glasses again - this time, a black and white Converse frame (pictured)... again, a stylistic choice to match my Chuck Taylor shoe fetish. The glasses lasted a good couple years until I found myself working in a machine shop and then my safety glasses didn't fit so well over my frames so I became a contact lens wearer.  

When I started as an Optician straight from the shop floor, my contact lens wearing lasted for nearly two whole months until I found Nero Lunette's Marsha frame and fell in love all over again. At this point two years later, I've collected a couple prescription sunglasses, a few plano sunglasses, and probably around a dozen frames and half a dozen lenses - I have frames in multiple colors and am TOTALLY GUILTY of snapping the lenses out of one frame and fitting them into the frame that matches my style for the day.  

Even as a child who loved different types of eye wear, I clearly struggled finding my way to actually loving the necessity of wearing glasses and/or contacts.  At this point, I love wearing glasses because of the amount of options I know I have. I get giddy about new and exciting styles for children because I know that if you love your glasses, you'll wear them... and the options have expanded incredibly (even in the last ten years).  

I found this website which has compiled a list of books that feature a character with glasses or a character getting/wearing glasses: As a child into style as well as literature, I would have been thrilled with a character I could relate to who wore glasses... someone I maybe could have mimicked the style of instead of choosing a plain metal frame and losing interest in it quickly. I am the first to tell a child how amazing their new glasses are -  that boost of confidence to know that their glasses are cool and not the stigma of the classic "four-eyed nerd". As the market expands, the options are getting more exciting for the youth culture... and although I'm a little envious I don't get to have my first glasses experience be one with endless options, I'm thrilled to be the one who gets to see how excited a child gets seeing clearly for the first time while wearing something they're eager to put on.