John Lennon Feng Shui

As an avid music listener/lover, I’ve always been quite intrigued by music history.  It seemed natural to me as a child to explore music legends and to understand the influences that have led to the new styles and genres that we hear today.  As far as influential goes, it has been said that The Beatles are probably one of the most influential bands of all time.

Recently I read an article on Vision Monday called “Nine Things You Didn’t Know About John Lennon’s Glasses” and true to the title, I learned nine new things about John Lennon’s glasses including the origin of his signature round, teashade look.  Within the nine things, the one that peaked my interest the most was the fact that his favorite glasses were tinted orange.  This came from a  Feng Shui belief that the color orange enhances one’s creativity; it’s considered a “social” color and that promotes lively energy.

Color tints fascinate me and I’ve been experimenting with different colors to see what effects each color has.  I’ve been holding on to this Lindberg frame for a while now as I’ve been saying they are my “John Lennon Inspired Frame” and I’ve been waiting for the right lenses to put in them (honestly, I couldn’t decide what color tint I wanted to do).  After reading this article posted two weeks before the 44th anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination,  I took it as a sign and got orange polarized lenses for my frame.  The color certainly gives an energy to my environment; it’s bright and warm and happy.  I’m not sure I’ll be writing anything as substantial or influential as John Lennon did, but I’m interested to see how/if it sparks my create juices.

If you missed the actual article and wanted to read it, check it out here: