Scott Harris Launches Two Universal Fit Styles

Glasses sliding down your nose or never feeling like they fit quite right may sound like a first-world problem if you've never experienced it, but if you have, the words Universal Fit have special meaning. Eyewear has the unique double function of being both a medical device and a fashion choice. Glasses need to fit well for you to see well, but they also need to suit your style. For ages, those with hard-to-fit bridges have had to compromise on one of these tenets. And let's face it, that sucks.

Luckily, Universal Fit styles are becoming more accessible. The Universal Fit affixes adjustable nose pads to acetate frames, meaning those with hard-to-fit bridges are no longer relegated to metal frames that may not suit their style. Scott Harris is proud to now offer two Universal Fit styles, SH-442 and SH-444. Contact your sale rep or visit for more details.