The 5 Stages of Launching at Vision Expo #StateOpticalCo

Life teaches us that major events can be divided into 5 stages- cell mitosis, sleep, relationships, grief, etc. We found, when launching STATE Optical Co. at Vision Expo West, that the team went through 5 distinct stages of emotions. You can remember them with the acronym STATE, funny how that worked out.


Characterized by periods of panic that you have forgotten to complete some crucial task. You may experience nightmares that you’ve gone to the booth naked and wake in a cold sweat.


The shortest of the 5 stages (hopefully), that moment right before the show opens where you simultaneously question every decision you’ve made and can’t think at all.


It’s really happening! You really made this happen!

Triumph (or Tears if things haven’t gone well)

The validation that comes with the collection being well-received. Relief as all the Sweat and Terror wash away.


A 3-day show can feel like a lifetime. Then you realize the work has just begun, but in this moment you must pause to celebrate!