Friendly Competition

Europa is known for being a friendly workplace. We think of our coworkers as family and always celebrate each other’s successes. But isn’t work a little more interesting with a prize on the line?
And shouldn’t that prize include an obnoxiously large trophy and bragging rights? Enter the Europa Bragger’s Cup.
As our sales teams race to the top, the standings change as dynamically as they do in major league sports. Now in its fifth year, the Bragger’s Cup has been held by five different winning teams, their names forever emblazoned on the base of the cup.
Aaaaaaaand nowwwwwwwww, your 2015 Bragger’s Cup Champions—Team Ward!!! Join us in congratulating Dawn Ward (C), Kristy Block, Kathleen Crowley, John Ellegood, Jill Hiller, Rick Leers, Isaiah Purzitza, Kenny Rogers, and Debbie Young!