Behind the Scenes – Eyewear Shoot [Europa International Eyewear]

You know the images: the carefree couple on the beach, the young professional dashing across town, the ingénue sipping coffee. They’re beautiful, they’ve got great glasses, and we want to be them. So what really goes into creating those images? Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes of Cinzia’s latest photo shoot at a Chicago art gallery:


The team descends on a local art gallery and unpacks all the gear, wardrobe, makeup, and of course the Cinzia glasses and accessories. Every photo shoot requires a small entourage: the Europa team, photographer and assistant, makeup artist (MUA), and model.


Something is definitely missing…coffee and donut run.


Taking pictures is still a long way off. There’s a lot of planning to make sure the shots we’re after come out. All the creatives review the mood file for the shoot, which shapes lighting, wardrobe, hair & makeup. The Europa team and photographer walk through the gallery and select the exact spots for each shot. 


With the mood file and plan in place, it’s time to move some furniture, get lights in place, and get the model into hair and makeup.


Let’s get shooting! It’s a true team effort between the Europa team, MUA, model and photographer to ensure we are getting the looks we want and that the frames are captured in their best light. Attention to every detail is critical.


Lunch break! Then back to shooting!


Second coffee run dearly needed. This time iced.


Shooting wraps. Now to get the gallery back in order! Not that it kept art lovers from dropping in and browsing amongst the chaos.


The most surprising part--the day wraps on time! Team Europa heads to Cyn’s for a well-deserved glass of wine.