#ShopSmall - Gearing up for Small Business Saturday

While shopping on Thanksgiving feels shameless and black Friday has gotten downright dangerous, there is one Thanksgiving weekend shopping tradition worth supporting: Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday amplifies each of our local voices into a movement. One that brought 88 million consumers into small businesses last year, spending 14.3 billion dollars, and sending more than 126,000 tweets about the event and the local purveyors they visited.

Are you open for business on Saturday? If so, take advantage of the many free marketing materials American Express is offering at: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/shop-small/  The site will generate customized digital marketing tools optimized for social media and offers many suggestions on how to promote your #ShopSmall event.

What should you do on the day? Above all else, be you! What better time to tell the story of your company, celebrate your origins, and all the wonderful people working alongside you. Show shoppers that America is more than disconnected people blindly shopping on their phones. Remind them how good it feels to connect to others in the community and show them the unparalleled service that we, as small businesses, can offer. Plus you can help them with the digital eye strain from all that phone use ;)

American Express is featuring small businesses on its Small Business Saturday Facebook page and we'd like to do the same to help get the word out. Send a message to us on facebook.com/europaeye with your #ShopSmall plans so we can help you spread the word!