Prevencia and See Coat Blue and Blue Tech, Oh My!

For the past couple of years, blue light blocking lenses have been more and more prominent in the optical market. Personally, I’ve worn blue filtering AR for a couple of years, and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t get lenses without it at this point—I notice THAT much of a difference in comfort. That’s not to say it’s for everyone—the lenses definitely have a bit of a yellow cast looking through them, so if you need your environment to be true to color, it’s not going to work for you. My own husband, who is a network engineer and is on computers for almost all of his waken hours, disliked Prevencia a lot. So, how can we determine who this will and won’t work for without the patient feeling like we’re pressuring them to buy yet another expensive coating? 

I use the demo’s that we got from Crizal to show the patient exactly what they look like, and what happens if you look through them. Of course, a demo that one has on one’s face for a few minutes doesn’t really give a true picture of the benefits (or lack thereof) of the lenses.  Enter apps!

There are currently a multitude of free apps that simulate the AR stack available, both for PC’s/laptops and cell phones—flux and twilight are just two examples.  If you have a patient who is a little apprehensive about the coating, or who just doesn’t feel like it’ll do anything, suggest they check one of them out, with the seed planted that having the coating on your actual glasses will help with blue light from ALL sources, including televisions, tablets, non-personal computers, etc. If they do benefit from it, great! The free app just helped you put a new patient into a premium arc!