This is The Intro... Let Me Not Get Ahead of Myself!

Opticians don’t believe in miracles, We create them—Daily!
— David Butler II

Hello Optical Family! First off, about five years ago on December, I wrote my first post for DailyOptician. I introduced myself to the fantastic Optical world that day by writing that post. DailyOptician has allowed me to express my compassion and passion for being an Optician, not just any optician but a Superstar, FLY Optician that I am! And I am grateful of Tim and Peter in allowing me to express my passions about being an Optician—Daily. Okay, okay wow, this is the intro, let me not get ahead of myself! But I ask this question to my fellow cohorts in this field, "Are you just an optician (frame stylist) or are you a Professional, Life-Altering, Superstar Optician who creates raving fans through your Optical patient, client service?"

You see, being an Optician isn't the private reserve of a few charismatic men and women, but a process ordinary people use when they're bringing forth The BEST from within themselves and others around them. It's about making a positive impact — optically to make a difference, learning along the way from overcoming mistakes and obstacles. It's about building awesome relationships with the people we have the honor to serve. It is the love, compassion, and passion for loving what we do! It believes that we are unique Professionals who give back to humanity and beyond. And if YOU feel this way as I do about our profession, then you are indeed a Professional, Superstar, Life-Altering Optician! Again, this is the intro, let me not get ahead of myself...but I love you guys as I love being an Optician—Daily! Let's continue to do what we do, which is creating Optical Happiness daily. Let's continue to uplift our professional craft with everyone we have the pleasure and honor to meet and serve. Let's introduce the world who we are and what we do! We create Optical Happiness—daily. Remember, with great service brings forth even greater sales.

Happy Selling,
David Butler, ABOC, CPO

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