A Day In The Life

Woke up, fell out of bed
Dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup
And looking up I noticed I was late
Found my coat and grabbed my hat
Made the bus in seconds flat
Made my way upstairs and had a smoke
And everybody spoke, and I went into a dream—-Aaaaaaaaah...Aaaaaaaaah....
— The Beatles, A Day In The Life

Hello Optical Family. I watched this awesome movie entitled "Yesterday." The film is about a guy named Jack Malik who is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie. After a freak bus accident during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that The Beatles have never existed.

Performing songs by the greatest band in history to a world that has never heard them, Jack becomes an overnight sensation with a little help from his agent (Movies - bigpicturetheater.info). One of the songs (which is one of my favorite Beetles track) is titled "A Day In The Life." On that note, let's talk about the day in the life as an Optician.

As for me, I am an Optician -- daily. Even when I am off work, I am still continuously in "Optician - mode." Whether I am out shopping for personal items I see people in eyeglasses with scratched up lenses, smudges, broken temples, single temples (holding the frame recklessly on one side), too small glasses, too big glasses, improper fitting glasses, short, wrong fitting temples (too short), all types of concoctions in keeping the broken frames together, I see "stuff," I try not to look for anything but I see everything, especially when it comes to Optical.

A day in the life as an Optician is exciting! We are literally smacked dead in the middle between fashion and medical. It is good to be a fashionista, semi-Optometrist (know the dynamics of the function of the eye, medical conditions, etc.), conscious of frame types, face shapes, optical lens materials, eyeglass frame materials, and be a little bit of a Lab Technician also.

As an Optician, our lives are a continual series of noticing every detail about eyewear. It's what we do. Think about all the experiences you have made better for people -- visually and aesthetically. As Opticians, we live intriguing moments throughout our daily lives and meet interesting individuals as well. When I am not at work, I see people with eyeglasses and strike up friendly optical conversations about where they got their glasses at and how was their optical experience at the place they purchased them. I often clean their lenses for them and give people a lot of optical frame and lens advice. Hand them a couple of my business cards with a smile and thank them for their time.

It is always optical business with me, no matter where I am at when I am not at work. As an Optician I feel like the "Aaaaaah" from 2:48 to 3:18 in the Beetles song I have below "A Day In The Life" the most beautiful fragment of music ever written...with the same undulation it feels as A Day In The Life as an Optician. Remember with great service brings forth even GREATER sales.....

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