The “B.O.S.S.” Effect!

You must Believe Others Should Succeed! You have to have a passionate desire for people. Because as a leader, it’s not about the leader, it’s about the people you are leading. With that style of leadership, you then are worthy of being a Boss in its most authentic meaning of that term.
— David Butler II

Hello Optical Family! We are halfway through yet another fantastic year. I want to let you guys know that I love you! I believe in you. I believe that you should have success as Opticians and beyond! I was writing a paper over the weekend for my Leadership of Others (MBA) class about the subject of what it takes on becoming being a Leader or a Boss. So I thought about Us—Opticians! As an Optician, you must have a “BOSS” attitude and outlook on everything we do and everyone we come into contact with optically. We meet and deal with different people throughout the week. We help people “see” the world differently and view their lives in amazing optical clarity.

We want them who do business with us to feel happy about their eyewear and about choosing us to purchase their eyewear with us. Every person we meet we want them to succeed. We want them to make successful eyewear decisions that will not only enhance their vision but enhance their daily lives as well! If you are doing all the above and then much more, then you are a Boss, and you have the B.O.S.S. Effect. You’re a Boss! You love helping people be their best — optically. You have a “B.O.S.S.” disposition about people and in your customer service with the people you have the honor to serve. What I mean by the “B.O.S.S.” acronym is that as an Optician, you truly Believe Others Should Succeed!

You have an ardent desire for people. You have outstanding client/patient service. You are a BOSS in every meaning and concept of that true statement. You know that your success can’t be anything without your client's success. Believing Others Should Succeed is what a Boss is all about! You see family; if you believe in others, they’ll likely return the favor. When someone else trusted you or showed belief in you, where you more or less likely to trust or believe in them? Probably more. Continue to have that "B.O.S.S." attitude with every person you meet. Can I hold you to it? Thank you in advance. Remember with Great service brings forth even Greater sales....