What’s Done In The Dark Will Find Its Way To SHINE!

We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining - they just shine.
— Dwight L. Moody

Hello Optical Family! I just wanted to send my sincere love to ALL the Opticians who have a passion for our craft! The ones that genuinely have respect and love for this profession and shows it every day. Their co-workers see and feel their exciting energy as well as their clientele. As I was watching the Super Bowl the other day, I thought about the team that won their 6th Super Bowl. They aren’t flashy, or arrogant...no, no, no — they play the game how it supposed to be played. Fundamentally sound, professional, learning the basics, putting the time in to study and thoroughly understand their craft, and playing together as a TEAM! Yeah, it’s not always flashy, but it wins! It’s a sustainable formula that WINS in all facets of life. I said that to say if you are an Optician with this mindset — you are going to “win” every time. What’s done in the “dark” will find its’ way to shine! I feel your energy, and I see YOUR vision because we are of the same mindset and we are apart of the same TEAM. You are not unnoticed. You are the same fantastic Optician, even in the "dark" when you think nobody is watching you -- your greatness will continue to shine. Your co-workers see you, your clients, and patients see you — shining! Continue to do what you do. Continue to improve this excellent craft of ours and continue to grow as a Superstar Optician. Let your light shine so boldly, so brightly that others can "see" their way out of the dark. Please, know that the Optical world is a whole lot better because of YOU. With great service brings forth even greater sales.

Happy Selling,
David Butler

David Butler lighthouse.jpg