You MUSTn’t!!!

There are three musts that hold us back: I must do well. You must treat me well. And the world must be easy.
— Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

Hello Optical Family. Have you ever had a demandingness about the self, others, or the world? Where we think everything should go your way. It MUST go your way! So you get to work, and you are feeling good, and the Doctor's appointment book is booked on every time slot available. Your first client/patient come into your optical with VSP eyecare benefits looking around with some old glasses on. You know that they are going to update their eyewear, I mean their benefits are available for a complete pair. Wow! I mean, you're thinking I MUST capture this patient. I MUST sale them a great pair of glasses. Then you go through your greeting, acknowledgment, and education to your potential client, and then the possible client objects! A few moments later a previous client storm into your optical office with a concern with their new prescription and is hinting a refund. The day is going to s##ts! Moments later, the lab calls and gives you the news that a "rush job" which was supposed to be delivered to your office for a client didn't pass inspection. Two more potential clients wandered through your optical office and blatantly replied, "Oh! We're just 'looking'," the moment you approached them.

Wow! WTF! What's The Focus? People have vision care benefits for crying out loud! They MUST buy glasses! They MUST not walk into my optical office and not use their vision care benefits! People MUST adjust to their new prescription glasses! The lab MUST get the optical orders right and have them on time! Okay, so I ask you this question, "Why MUST people do what you think is correct?" You will only exasperate yourself more by clinging to your list of MUSTS. You see family; you have to work on giving up your “MUSTS!” Which means; the compulsive insistence that things ought to be a particular way.

This means letting go of what we  think should be mandatory rules of etiquette for our daily Optical interactions with people- the Ten MUST Commandments of our Optical interactions if you will:

  1. People MUST buy glasses from me, especially if they walk into my Optical.
  2. People MUST use their Vision Care Benefits with me.
  3. People MUST not waste my time by walking into my office "looking around."
  4. People MUST learn how to use their new RX glasses.
  5. People MUST take care of their glasses.
  6. People MUST not have an attitude with me because they claim they can't see out of their new glasses.
  7. People MUST understand the importance of their prescription for glasses.
  8. People MUST learn and know their Vision Care Benefits.
  9. People MUST be cognizant of the effects of different attributes of lens coatings and add-ons to see clearly.
  10. People who work in the Optical Labs MUST have client's RX glasses on time.

Yeah, this sounds absurd huh? But some of us are guilty of these insistent MUSTS. Family, we have to let go of your daily MUSTS continually! We are Opticians! We create optical happiness by giving excellent customer service, educating our clients about their vision care benefits, frame, and lens attributes, and we listen to them to find out their optical needs to better serve them. And if you know that you have given your BEST optically then know that things will inevitably line up positively for you. So, next time you find yourself wanting things to go YOUR way with negative MUST emotions, don’t let yourself get discouraged. Dispute any demands you could be placing on yourself, others, or the world. With time, you’ll be able to give up this habit. Now I will give you this one iota  of advice— you MUST be the BEST Optician you can be daily to your patients, clients, and Co-Workers. Okay? Promise? Thanks in advance Optical Family. Remember with great service bring even greater sales.

Happpy Selling,
David Butler, ABOC, CPO, LDO

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