"What Are Your Superpowers again?" I'm R.IC.H!

Ayeeee! Hello Optical Family! Just finished watching "The Justice League" again for the second time. I love the scene where the young Flash asked Bruce Wayne about his Superpowers. WHOA! Anyway, this is the month of May. Let’s see, we have Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and then getting ready for the Summer amongst other Optical related things. I’m ready! I stay prepared to keep from getting Ready! I love the Optical field and my choice of a career as a Superstar Optician. Being at this a while, since umm, 1995. Have seen almost everything Optically related to what we do as Opticians. Have heard virtually “err-thang” from clients, patients, customers, and colleagues. People can be amazingly unpredictable at times. But I love everything about people. I love to converse with them, listen to their optical concerns, needs, and wants. I love changing lives through my optical expertise and knowledge. I get goosebumps still when children put on RX glasses for the first time. I love the many challenges of a disgruntled client and bringing that client back to Optical Happiness! I love helping people see the world differently, clearly, and stylishly. I love to educate my clients about frames, lens materials, and different attributes that can be added to their vision to make their life easier within their daily optical lifestyle. 

So with being said, I ask each one of you in this Beautiful field, especially you Opticians. “What Are Your Superpowers again?” Tell me. I’d love to know. Do you create Optical Happiness? Do you love what you do? Are you a Superstar Optician? Do you understand, innerstand, and Overstand your power to alter lives? Once you realize your superpower, you will then become a Superstar Optician! We create happiness daily! We create Optical Happiness all throughout the week. Say it with me, “I’m RICH!” Say it! Declare it! Breathe it! Demand it! “I AM RICH!” That’s my superpower! I’m R-I-C-H! That’s my state of mind. My state of being. Realizing I Create Happiness 😍👓😇😎🤩!!!  I’m R.I.C.H! that’s my Superpower! Remember with Great Service bring even greater Sales....

Happy Selling,
David Butler, ABOC, CPO, LDO

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