A Confession But I’m NOT Sorry!

Hello Optical Family. I recently bought myself a new Cadillac CTS which is incredible! The Cadillac dealership is right across the way from a BMW  dealership, so I got to over-hear all kinds of selling conversations. Okay, I confess, I was what I call “ear-hustling.” 🙃

Salesman: This is the best deal we'll have all year.

Prospect: I'm not sure I love the car.

Salesman: You don't understand, this is the best car in our lineup.

Prospect (growing agitated): I want to think about it.

(Sidebar: If they ever have to "think about it," very rarely will they "think about it" in your favor.)

The salesman screwed up when he uttered the vicious words, "You don't understand." WTF! What’s The Focus!

He was logically disagreeing, which shuts the door on the other person.

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In the presence of your client in selling eyewear. We must avoid logical disagreements! PERIOD!


Instead of "You don't understand" (resistance), what if  the salesman had said, "I hear you...tell me, what's no longer ideal for your current car?"

In our world we’ll say, “Tell me what do you like about your old glasses and what do you dislike about them?” I am very cognizant that customer service in today’s world is at an all-time low. Listen, our goal in Client/patient communication should be empathy. Which means, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Displaying compassion for your clients/patients by looking at things from their point of view. Try to understand their point of view. Hey, I apologize for being humbled and being all about my clients! Don’t be upset with me, be like me! We have one of the coolest occupations ever as Opticians. I’m NOT sorry for giving fantastic customer service! It’s what we do for crying out loud! Continue to create eyecare happiness — daily. By the way, the Caddy is amazingly 😎 awesome! Remember with great service brings even GREATER sales. 

Happy Selling,
David Butler, ABOC, CPO, LDO

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