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Dear Patient, You Are Appreciated

Last name; Ever. First name; Greatest...

Hello Optical Family, just writing one of my many awesome Patients that have purchased eyewear from me. The patients/clients/customers are the Most important factors and people in our way of life. They are the reason we live this exciting lifestyle as Opticians. When they enter our office or optical gallery they are the Most important person/people in the room. We drop everything we're doing to focus our undivided attention and give star treatment to the patient. 

Once our patient/client have made up their minds to purchase eyewear from us that's when the art of the sale with great customer service begins. Thanking him/her for their business. Confirming the ETA date of their eyewear verbally or email. Making sure that your patient/client have your contact information and you have their correct information as well. Adding your patients/clients to your business email list. Give your patient/client your business card and welcome their call or email if they have any concerns or questions. 

Also as Opticians, we follow up with our patients/clients to show them our commitment and appreciation to them for purchasing from us. We contact our patients/clients 3-7 days after they pick up their eyewear to ensure they are loving their eyewear and to remind them that anytime they need their glasses professionally cleaned, adjusted, tighten, or maintenance to come by the office because that service is free for the lifetime of the glasses. And again, thank them for their business  (because they could have went anywhere else to purchase eyewear but they chose YOU) and ask for referrals if they had an awesome optical experience. You can also write handwritten "Thank You" notes and mail it to your patients/clients too. Okay, let me get back to my Thank You letter to one of my many Greatest Ever patients because I really do appreciate their business and I appreciate them for having belief in me to serve them optically and adding happiness to their lives. 

Happy Selling,

David Butler, ABOC, CPO

How Do you make a A$$ out of U and Me?

How Do you make a A$$ out of U and Me?