How Do you make a A$$ out of U and Me?

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.
— Abraham H. Maslow, Toward a Psychology of Being

Yeah I know. I've heard it before too. The famous or infamous saying/quote: "Assume makes an 'A$$' out of 'u' and 'me'." But hey, listen Optical Family in our line of business that's what we do! We make assumptions with everyone who comes through our door. We just assume that there is a underlying reason why people come into our business. I mean we are Opticians right? What is an Optician and what do we do? Well Wikipedia's definition of an Optician is: A technical practitioner who designs, fits and dispenses corrective lenses for the correction of a person's vision. Opticians determine the specifications of various ophthalmic appliances that will give the necessary correction to a person's eyesight. Some registered or licensed opticians also design and fit special appliances to correct cosmetic, traumatic or anatomical defects. These devices are called shells or artificial eyes. Other registered or licensed opticians manufacture lenses to their own specifications and design and manufacture spectacle frames and other devices. 

Hmm, yeah in that order. So a person walks into our business and we ask a silly a## question like, "So you wanna buy glasses?" WTF! I mean, HELL! What's the focus! We are freaking Opticians for crying out loud! There are optical frames of all styles, sunglasses, optical cleaning supplies, optical personnel, and optical p.o.p.s. So if a potential client comes into your optical business just assume that he/she are in there to fulfill their optical needs. Period! We have been told all our lives not to assume or make assumptions but in our field of work that is what we do. We assume that when you walk through our doors (especially) with a prescription in hand you are coming there to purchase glasses, prescription glasses, contact lenses, or even prescription sunglasses. We can make the assumption that is why people come into our business to fulfill their optical needs. Yes! That is the reason people come into our business. Don't make an A$$ out of you and me by not assuming that is NOT the reason why people come into our businesses. Yeah, I make a lot of assumptions, you should as well. 

Happy Selling, 
David Butler, ABOC, CPO