Who Are You? and What are those?!?!

Hello Optical Family! I graduated college a couple of months ago and it was awesome! On my way next month in quest of my MBA. I am ecstatic about my next challenge. Anyway, my little brother is the other guy in the picture with me. Yeah, I know, okay I said the same thing, "What are those?!?!" I mean, his glasses are a reflective mess! I was all over his a## about his glasses! I mean, how did you not get Anti Reflective Coating on your glasses? Who was the Optician or for the other title I've heard "frame stylist" who assisted you. I was so upset! I work in Optical, he should have contacted me and got some real optical education about lens materials, different attributes of frames, the important benefits of Anti Reflective Coating, and other important add-ons for visual excellence. His excuse was that, "Brother you have a lot going on and I didn't want to brother you. Plus he (the "order taker" - NOT Optician) was just getting my brother what the "insurance" covered so he (my brother) would not have to pay anything out of pocket!" WTF! I mean "what's the focus" here?!?! So we have ah, wow, a financial consultant here disguising himself as a Optician? Whoa! That's scary! I'm appalled! I just get chill bumps with a slight headaches thinking about it! A freaking imposter has infiltrated our Optical Profession! OMG! This is serious! Very serious! How many of you all are out there amongst us real Opticians? 

It is very important as Opticians that we take our profession serious and with pride! We are the professionals who people trust in to not only see better but look better too. We change and ameliorate lives. We create happiness with our optical knowledge, expertise, our sense of fashion style, awesome personalities, integrity, and positive energy. Never try to be anything or anyone else in profession than a real, Professional Optician! We are NOT financial advisors, nor are we "order takers!" Learn your profession. Be positive and passionate about this profession. Please don't come into "our" profession being a order-taker or financial consultant pretending to be an Optician! As an Optician, continue to learn and grow our craft in order to be confident in directing, educating, and advising our clients with knowledgeable, passionate, and exciting optical experience and expertise. Create genuine happiness! There are truly no other profession quite like ours with a blend of medical, retail, fashion, excitement, and social network were we mixed all that together and serve wonderful, beautiful, and intriguing people daily. I love, breathe, and live this profession as a Professional, Rockstar Optician! Always remember this; "With Great Service comes GREAT Sales!" Who. Are. You?

Happy Selling,
avid Butler, ABOC, CPO