Merry RX - MUST! 🎄 ☃️

Hello Optical Family! “I wish you a Merry RX - MUST!...I wish you a Merry RX - MUST! and another Happy New Sale!” 

Yeah, it’s the Season and the Reason to be giving your expertise on Optical products/needs, i.e., new exams (especially with patients who haven’t had their required yearly eye exam). Clients who purchased RX eyewear earlier in the year can get that hot pair of RX sunglasses or a more jazzier pair of designer eyewear for their eyeglass wardrobe (yes! Gucci — Man!😎). RX Sports glasses for those weekend warriors, RX Safety glasses, RX goggles, and RX contact lenses. Now by me saying all that it is ALWAYS the season and the reason to enhance our client/patient’s lives via RX glasses but it’s December the season is changing, it’s getting cooler and YES! We have to remind our clients/patients roughly about 15 million families that have FSA (Flex Spending Accounts) who many of them have forgotten that they have put money aside for yeah! health-related expenditures. 

So again, yes it is the reason and the season for letting our clients be cognizant of ALL the ways those FSA dollars can be used for their optical needs and wants. When you are with a client/patient who is “kicking the tire” about RX purchases, ask them if they have an FSA account. Great way to sale second pair of RX glasses, e.g., SV RX television glasses for the PAL clients/patients, RX sunglasses, and the list goes on. Now isn’t the time to be shy, it’s time to be motivated to share your Optical knowledge and personality to enhance the optical life of an already motivated client/patient who is eager to spend money for their optical needs/wants. Use it before you Lose it or before the client’s FSA deadline expires. It’s a MUST that we (Opticians) remind our clientele a Merry RX - MUST! I leave you with this; “With Great Service brings even GREATER sales!” Happy holidays....

Happy Selling,
David Butler, ABOC, CPO, LDO

David Butler Holiday.jpg