What's Understood Doesn't Need To Be Explained. Or Does It?

Selling is the foundation of what we as Opticians do. It's a process; it's repeatable, measurable, and yes teachable. I've read before that we sell on a daily basis our knowledge, education, service, and even on a more personal note, our personalities. Selling is a process for guiding a productive conversation in which both you and your patient/customer feels satisfied. It begins with each person knowing up front what will happen over the next few minutes.  We call that "seeking to understand, then to be understood." It goes like this, "Ms. Burton, our Doctor has advised a new prescription for your glasses. Now what I'd like to do first is find out a little more about your average day. Like, for example, what do you like to do when you relax? How about for fun? Are you on a computer or an hand-held device throughout your day? What do you like about your current or old glasses and what do you not like about them? Then we'll help guide you to your best lens options that will definitely match your lifestyle. Finally, we will match your lenses with an AWESOME frame that will complement your style and make you look even greater than you look now. Does this sound good to you?"

So Optical family, the three steps you always need to remember is to describe what you are about to do, why it is necessary, and finally checking to see if they're onboard with you. Getting the "buy-in" from the patient/customer is imperative to helping them feel in control and lowering their FEARS (Fake Expectations Appearing Real) about what is about to happen. Always, always remember the law; People buy with the emotional side of their brain and justify their purchase or purchases with their logical side of their brain.

So what's understood doesn't need to be explained. Or does it? Again family, seek to understand, then to be understood. Educate your patients by asking questions with a real interest in providing their optical needs. Furthermore, listen, be sincere, and hear the patient out. That's the "understanding" part which will lead you to be "understood" about the benefits the patient is about to receive. Understood? I hope so! Happy selling :)