In To Me SEE

In To Me See...I mean intimacy. Which means a close familiarity or friendship; closeness. So I ask this question, what intimate relationship are you in? If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you spend more time with them than with anyone in your life. Actually, your eyeglasses are as much of a necessity than your undergarments. They are plain for all to see and eyeglasses are apart of who you are. Eyeglasses act as a mask that fuses with features and serve as a spotlight or proscenium arch or a grand stage for the soul in the theater of our everyday life. Eyeglasses you see, are "In To Me SEE" because they asks the world in the bespectacled face to see it a certain way by telling the world something about how it is seen. 

With our patients/customers this kind of "In To Me SEE" has to be conveyed to everyone who are shopping for eyeglasses. Not only are we enhancing their prescriptions but we are enhancing their looks, attitudes, and lives. Learn the qualities, features, and history of every frame line that you have in your office. Be "In To Me SEE" with the knowledge of all your frames and share that knowledge with your patients. They are the ones who need to love their glasses and have a great relationship with them.