Going, Going, GONE!

Wow! 2016 is a few weeks a past time affair. I know that we as Opticians have met a lot of beautiful people and at the same time change and ameliorated plenty of lives this year too. We have provided legendary customer/patient service and incredible happiness along the way.  But wow! we are about to go into 2017 on a quick note. 

As the leader of my Optical office, I focus a lot on patient service and growing my business. At the end of the week, I measure my successes and my gaps or ways that we could have done better. I measure my dollar sale to each patient, my multiple pair percentages, my sunglass sales, contact lens sales, and capture rate. Finding your biggest gap in these areas will grow your business. Again we are at the end of the year! Optical stores, shops, or business who are also providers of their patient's vision insurance needs to capture every patient or client who comes through their door. Not only that patient but their family members who are on their vision insurance too. Educate your patients/clients about the benefits of their insurance and the savings too. Hell! they are paying for the insurance every pay period. Right? The year has flown away, and we are at the end of 2016. Educate, motivate, celebrate their vision benefits and give extraordinary patient service! Create happiness daily! 

Happy Selling,
David Butler, ABOC, CPO