Lights, Camera, GLASSES!!!!

As I am walking to the stage, I mean my Optical Gallery I hear these three commands shouting at me, "Lights, Camera, GLASSES!!!" Yeah, it's time to give out the best optical patient/client/customer service EVER! Each and every time I meet a client or patient in my office I know that I am totally here for them at a thousand percent. I am there to create happiness in not only in their visual world but their daily lifestyle and experiences. As my Doctor hands off the patient's RX, I am already in a happy mood full of energy, gratitude, and positivity. Because we are energy and we transcend energy through our facial expressions, words, body language, and even in our confidence about who we are. I am a Licensed, Superstar, Rockstar Optician! and I bring joy to people lives through eyeglasses, lenses, frames, sunglasses, and legendary customer/patient service! That's what I do. I live it; I breathe it, I am it -- here to serve and honor my clients/patients, and customers. Lights, Camera, GLASSES! You see, when people walk into my office I know they didn't just visit just because h'mm...? I find out what brings them into my office. Every person who steps into my office deserves a warm welcome -- we're family!  


First off my job is to uncover ALL needs by asking open-ended, lifestyle questions. Open-ended questions help uncover not only what our patients want, but why they want it. Asking the right questions will help our patients express their needs and trust that you are just the person to help them. Patients want to feel listened to. Always remember that a person doesn't want to know what you know until they know that you care. Listening will separate you from the competition and discourage them from browsing with you and then buying from someone else. 


  • Begin questions with "Who, What, Why, Where, When, How, and Tell Me."
  • Ask if you can take a look at their current/old prescription.
  • Ask what he/she likes about his/her current eyewear or why he/she likes it.
  • Ask why is he/she shopping now (to build urgency).
  • Ask what's important to them in their eyewear.


Begin discussing multiples early! Multiples are truly about serving all needs of all of our clients today and in the long-run. These are multiple vision care solutions for every client/patient, whether it's some cool, fashionable sunglasses, contact lenses, eyewear for the workday, extracurricular activities, sports, and weekends. Once you help your client discover their multiple needs, you can use this information to make logical suggestions or advice.

Again begin discussing multiples as early as possible; the patient's mind is most open before he/she has committed to the first item. Do not let a single pair offer lead you into thinking a patient/client will only want to buy one pair! If you think, like that shame! Shame! on you!

Based on your patient/client's needs uncovered, make the second pair seem like a must-have, not a freakin' "option," so the patient/client perceives it as such.

FYI: Based on the information the client have told you, don't let F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real), keep you from advising different frame styles or colors.

Be sure to focus on the second pair savings and value -- not only from a price standpoint but from the benefits of having ALL their vision care needs covered! Here we go Optical family, "Lights, Camera, GLASSES!"

Happy Selling,

David Butler, ABOC, CPO