99 Problems!

"I Got 99 Problems and a..." Um, hold up, glasses solved like 90 of them.

Hello, Optical Family. The other day on my way to work, I was jamming out to "99 Problems" by Jay-Z. So a thought comes to mind that wearing glasses can solve 90 of a person's 99 problems. Don't you agree? Here are the remaining nine concerns individuals who are without RX glasses or new RX for glasses may have:

  1. Their current eyewear does not meet their needs for work and/or recreation.
  2. Having trouble with up close work while; Reading? Using the computer? Engaging in hobbies?
  3. So you tell me that you are light sensitive, driving in bright sunlight and glare bothers you?
  4. What?! You tell me you spend 14-hours a day on the computer? WoW!
  5. Wearing your everyday glasses in your active lifestyle? Flag football tournament in two weeks?
  6. You are hard on your eyewear and frequently scratch your lenses and/or break (the dreaded "B" word) your frames?
  7. This will be your first pair of multifocal RX lenses?
  8. Having trouble seeing at night?
  9. Oh! You want a new look now?

We are Opticians! We are trained to solve optical problems. We create happiness on a daily basis. We have many tools at our disposal to turn a patient with 99 problems into a happy camper. For example, the benefits of Anti-Reflective coating, polarized lenses, single vision digital RX lenses, blue light anti-reflective coating, digital PAL RX lenses, and the list goes on and on. What about frames? So many styles! So many different looks, shapes, colors, hues zyls, acetates, metals, stainless steel,  titanium, and even precious jewels. Safety and sport goggles too. Our patients may have 99 problems, but we have over a thousand solutions to bring them back to happy! So with that...problems solved.

Happy Selling!