YES! We ABOC Opticians Have Great Value! Know it! Be Proud of it! Live it!

Today, the competition is just a smartphone or tablet screen away, so it's easier than ever for patients to take their prescription and walk. The best bet against this happening is for independent Doctors/owners to staff their optical with skilled, engaged opticians. American Board of Opticianry Certified (ABOC) opticians have the know-how to educate and work with patients, so they want to buy from you instead of a competitor.

As ABO-certified opticians we understand more about the anatomy of the eye, optics and the effect of pantoscopic tilt or base curves on vision. This knowledge enables us to better work with doctors to prepare eyewear for dispensing, and to avoid costly remakes. 

It is essential to understand that the benefit of ABOC is only fully realized when our patients are educated about what ABOC means, that they are being taken care of by a competent, educated and certified professional.
Even with all the advantages of ABO certification, this credential won't mean anything to patients unless they are educated about its value. They don’t know they would receive a higher quality of care and professional service by purchasing their eyewear in an office with an ABOC optician assisting them – until they are told.
An ABO certificate should be proudly displayed in the dispensary, much like the doctors' diplomas in the exam rooms. However, a certificate on the wall is not enough. The staff, opticians and doctors must communicate and demonstrate their skills and knowledge to their patients every day.
It would be very powerful for prescribing doctors to begin saying to their patients, as they are handing them their new prescription, “We have an excellent board-certified optician(s) in our optical area. I hope you will work with him/her because then I will know you are getting the best optical quality and care in producing this prescription.”
“You can’t buy it; you have to earn it," is a awesome quote on the web site. Certification is a professional distinction. It is reassurance to patients that their eyewear needs will be handled carefully and competently--by an optician who has earned the privilege of serving them. As Certified Opticians that is NOT a job...this is our way of life.