Hello Mr.? Uh...Mr.?

I read an good article in Invision Magazine about saying a patient's name during a sale. I agree people love to hear their name called and people love to talk about theirselves. When my Doctor is handing the patient over to my care, I often say, "Mrs. Burton, is it okay for me to call you Shanda?" I do that to break the ice and make the buying experience more personable. Because to me, the experience is personal because our job as Opticians is to change lives. We help people see theirselves and the world in a different way. 

So the question is; What’s a good general rule of thumb for saying a customer’s name during a sales presentation? Scott Ginsberg, an author and speaker also known as “That Guy With the Name-tag,” weighed in on the subject. “People enjoy hearing their names more than any word in the dictionary. But there comes a point where customers are thinking to themselves “All right, I got it. You know my name. That’s enough!” Ginsberg imagines what goes on in a customer’s head as a salesperson says his name during a short (seven-minute) transaction:

Nada: “They didn’t even use my name once. I don’t feel valued.”

Once: “Ahhh ... the cashier said ‘Mr. Lynch.’ Man, you gotta love this store.”

Twice: “Whoa! Two times! This salesman has a great memory. Now that’s what I call service!”

Three times: “All right (mild chuckle). I got it. You know my name. Thank you very much.”

Four times: “No, seriously, you don’t have to keep using my name. The first two times were enough.”

Five times: “This is ridiculous. And annoying. I no longer believe you are sincere. And now I’ve become uncomfortable. Please go away.”