National Sunglasses Day

It’s June and that means it’s time to stress the importance of wearing sunglasses. Readers of the DailyOptician understand the importance of wearing sunglasses year-round, but for reasons I suspect having to do with lake and pool time the public begins paying attention in the summer. So now is the time to get the word out, and it must be no coincidence that June 27th is National Sunglasses Day. It is awesome that our industry has a day that we can all push together to educate our clients on the importance of wearing sunglasses. It is really a health and wellness issue for the whole family. 

Here are a few of my tips for promoting sunglasses on June 27th and all summer long.

Host a trunk show for just sunglasses on National Sunglasses Day

It doesn’t even have to be for any one brand that you carry like a traditional trunk show with a rep. You could simply showcase all or a large grouping of the sunglasses you carry and make it a trunk show. Choose a summer theme for your event and have all team members dress in the theme. You can also provide some giveaways to make the event more fun.  

Have a sale 

This would be a little like hosting a trunk show, but with less of the event planning aspects. Send out mailers and an email to all your patients and clients offering them a special discount if they buy sunglasses on June 27th, or for some time around that date.  

Post A Group Sunglass Selfie Photo of Your Team to Social Media 

Everyone in the photo could wear their favorite sunglasses. Caption the pic that your team is celebrating National Sunglasses Day. Ask your patients and clients to post their own sunglass selfies to join you in promoting good eye health, and to show off their own sunglass style. If you need more content for your social media pages you can download some good images from the website The page is hosted by The Vision Council, and all the content there is free for eye care professional to use.