Three Reasons You Need To Be At Vision Expo

The Eyewear

Discovering awesome new eyewear collections and then bringing said collections back to my market is one of the most exciting things to me about my business. I absolutely love exploring the world of eyewear, and there are so many people in our world who make the annual pilgrimage to New York City. Just being there walking around the convention floor is something like having the whole world of eyewear at your fingertips. Not only is all that eyewear there, but you can meet and get to know many of the designers themselves. This is especially true in the world of independent eyewear brands.    

The Education 

Learning new ways to build my business by attending lectures in the classroom setting is extremely valuable. I want to offer a word of warning though. Make sure you choose your classes carefully and try not to take too many hours while you are there. Your time is limited, and you don’t want to end up in a class that covers material you already know or that is not relevant to your needs while you could be out discovering that great new eyewear collection.    

The Networking

At events like Vision Expo it is important to make new connections and build on existing relationships. I already said that discovering new eyewear collections is the most exciting part of my business, but speaking for myself as an individual it is the networking and forming of relationships with opticians, optometrists, and other people in our industry that are the most exciting. Some of my industry friends are as dear to me as many of my friends in my personal life, and I have learned so much from knowing them. Hollywood icon and brilliant business man Jerry Weintraub once said, “Relationships are the only thing that really matters in business and in life.” I could not agree more Jerry; may you rest in peace.