Cat-Eye Glasses

Every once in a while, a hot cat-eye shape comes along that perfectly flatters a woman's face. The new Sunset Park by Born In Brooklyn is one such shape.  

The cat-eye shape traces its’ roots back to the 1950’s and 1960’s. Known for having upswept corners near where the temples attach to the frame front, the cat-eye shape was put forward by designers to add a bit of femininity to eyewear styles that had previously been mostly round. The reason for this was to introduce a fashion element for women, where previously glasses had been mostly designed for function. The trend caught on especially when celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe began wearing the look in public. 

Since the 1950’s the cat-eye shape has trended in and out of fashion. I have observed that we are currently living in a period that spans back several years in which the feline-friendly shape has taken hold. And why not? To me, it is one of those classic shapes that is iconic. It is fun, flirtatious, and almost always flattering on a woman’s face. 

The Sunset Park is available as a sunglass or as a clear optical frame in rich colors. The sunglasses feature polarized lenses with backside anti-reflective coating for comfort and clarity.