New Store Design

Sometime in late 2014 my team and I began to realize that our store was pretty nice looking, but there were a few things that could be improved. The things we see everyday we become numb to. We tend not to immediately notice when the carpet begins looking slightly worn in high trafficked areas, or when the wall colors start looking more consistent with popular styles ten years ago. In the spirit of continuous improvement I believe it is important to try to view your store from an outsider’s perspective. This will help you determine if the overall appearance of your store is consistent with the look you wish to project for your brand. 

So early last year we began planning a major remodel. Our boutique is sixty-four years old, so we wanted to update and modernize while maintaining a look that speaks to our legacy of a long well established business in the community.  

The carpet would be replaced with vinyl flooring that looks like distressed wood. The light blue wallpaper would come down and the walls would be painted in shades of light greys. We felt this color would nicely complement our new black cabinetry, black furniture and frame display cabinets. All of our fluorescent lighting was replaced with warmer LED track lighting.   

I found a beautiful glass display case that we placed at the center of the store to display our highest end collection. I bought it from Miss Jackson’s, a department store in my shopping center that was sadly closing its’ doors after 106 years of business in Tulsa. They had been using it to display high end department store merchandise. Many of my clients have a lifetime of special memories of this store, and I knew that this display case would be a way to preserve the Miss Jackson’s legacy while giving us a story to tell.      

Since buying eyewear in an upscale boutique is all about the experience, it became important that we think carefully about the best ways to enhance the buying experience at our store. We added a refreshments bar and mini fridge to the sales floor area so we can more easily get our clients drinks while they shop. On the wall behind the refreshment area we put up a beautiful tile backsplash and mounted a flat panel TV that will display any videos we have made as well as content supplied by our vendors.

We invested a sizable sum of money to do these updates, but I believe there will be a nice return on this investment. The reaction we have had from our clients has been very positive. I have found that the more value I give to serving the marketplace the more my business prospers. I believe as Rabbi Daniel Lapin says that, “When you serve in the marketplace your customers give you certificates of appreciation with president’s faces on them. It is because of this belief that I continue to look for ways to serve my clients.