Taking Time To Recharge

I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.
— Abraham Lincoln

I believe in committing myself wholeheartedly to anything that I do. I am passionate about the world of optical and just about everything in it. Sometimes I need a break though. I believe it is important to take some time off from time to time to avoid burnout, and to renew my passion for my craft.   

So this week my family and I took a road trip. It all started back when we began planning our vacation several months ago. My wife and I really wanted a beach vacation, but it was no surprise that our five year old wanted Disney World. In the end we decided on a compromise. Why not do both? We decided to drive instead of fly and make a road trip out of this vacation.    

So we drove from Tulsa to Orlando, which is a seventeen hour trip. Spending seventeen hours in a car is not normally anything I would have any interest in, but the thought of making short stops in Memphis, Atlanta, and then an overnight stay in Birmingham along the way sounded like an adventure. The world of Coca-Cola in Atlanta was very cool. They had this room with fountain drink dispensers where you could taste various Coca-Cola flavors from around the world. It was so much fun!   

We eventually made it to Orlando and spent three days at Disney World, which was loads of fun. After that we drove to Panama City Beach in the panhandle of Florida. Who would have thought that my son would have had more fun on the beach than he would at Disney World? Not this guy. We all had a blast at the beach though.  

Now I sit here on the last day of my vacation in the beach house we rented with this beautiful ocean view feeling quite accomplished. I did not do much work this week, but I am rested and refreshed. I am now beginning to feel anxious about getting to work next week and diving back into the world of eyewear.