Video: I Am An Optician

Just a few years ago I was spending several thousand dollars making videos to tell our brand story.  I would hire high end video production companies to make sure there was an element of professionalism and polish.  I definitely got my money’s worth, and I put out some content that I am quite proud of.    

I am starting to feel now that something has shifted in online and social media marketing.  People are increasingly skeptical of traditional advertisements, and they are hungry for authenticity and down to earth messages from real people.  Since our business is local, it began to make sense to me to try something more genuine and raw.  Recently I produced a video which I titled ‘I Am An Optician.’  The video was shot with something as simple as a GoPro and it was edited with my iPhone.  My brother Derek filmed a series of moments at Hicks Brunson Eyewear of the various points of the process of buying new glasses.  The video clearly has that raw amateur feel, which I believe may be one of its’ biggest strengths in the marketing climate we are in right now.  I recently heard Morgan Spurlock, famous for his 2004 smash hit documentary ‘Super Size Me,’ in an interview say that he is willing to watch video with shaky camera footage as long as the content of the story is good.  I believe that as marketers if we remain authentic to who we are and come up with creative ways to tell our story, our message will resonate and the marketplace will reward us.  

I hope you will enjoy my very short video.  It is a manifesto for the independent optician.  My goal was to demonstrate my passion for my craft, and highlight the benefits of personal service from a professional.  Please feel free to share it with your team.