Paying Attention To Retail Trends

Whether you work in a retail optical boutique like I do or in the optical dispensary of an optometrist’s office or clinic you ought to approach sales as if you are in a retail environment. 

There is a lot of talk lately about the “buying experience.” Many shoppers today and millennials especially are not interested in buying from businesses unless there is something enjoyable about the actual experience itself.    

Recently retail guru Faith Hope Consolo was quoted in Entrepreneur magazine as saying, “Consumers don’t want a simple purchase anymore. Instead, they want a comprehensive retail ‘experience.’” For a deeper dive into emerging trends in 2017 I recommend reading Amy Osmond Cook’s article in Entrepreneur called “Listen Up: Queen of Retail Talks Trends for 2017.” 

Earlier this year my team and I remodeled our store and several features to enhance the buying experience. One of those features was a dispensing bar with bar stools for clients to sit at while buying new eyewear or picking up new glasses. We also added a coffee bar that is currently offering hot cocoa for a nice holiday touch. 

We need to be more than just opticians to our patients and clients. Yes, we need to understand their visual needs and ask lifestyle questions to determine the right types of glasses for all their various activities, but we also need to be their guide and style consultant. Your clients and patients want to look good in their new glasses. They will reward you with certificates with presidents faces on them if you establish yourself as an expert fitter and demonstrate your knowledge of current fashion trends. If you do all that while giving them a fun and enjoyable experience they will come back again and again.