Transitions Vantage

I got my first pair of Transitions Vantage lenses last month, and I am super excited about it! I have been wearing Transitions Signature lenses for almost three years now and the idea of photochromics is nothing new to me. I used to think of photochromics as an alternative to sunglasses, but really they are better thought of as an enhancement to a clear lens to ensure visual comfort regardless of environment.  

I love the variable polarization. For those of you not yet in the know, that means the darker they get the more polarized they become. The first day I got to experience my new lenses I had some errands to run that required a bit of walking through the shopping center in which my store is located. The temperature was a brisk 36 degrees, and the polarized light from the winter sun was bouncing off the ground and other objects creating that all too familiar discomforting and disabling glare. I am happy to report that my somewhat light sensitive eyes felt very relaxed behind the comfort of the variable polarized lenses.

The Vantage lens does have a hint of tint at its clearest state, which means that some folks who spend a little less time outside may prefer Signature VII. I have found that having an understanding of the differences in functionality of Signature VII and Vantage is incredibly helpful while discussing lenses options with my clients. Having personal experience wearing a lens greatly enhances this understanding. If your understanding comes from your own personal experience you will be much more equipped to explain the benefits and find the right lens for your clients.  

Transitions has a nice portfolio of lens options including a few that I have not mentioned here. I encourage you to learn about these as I have, and then wear them yourself for two very important reasons. The first is that you will have happier clients, and the second is that you will have growth opportunities for yourself and your practice. Since there is now an option for virtually any lifestyle, you will better serve your clients if you ask the right lifestyle questions to uncover their needs. By doing this you will be able to make the right recommendation for them. In business this is what we call a win-win.