Pascal Jaulent Video Interview

This year at Vision Expo East in New York I had an opportunity to land an interview with Pascal Jaulent.  Pascal is the Art Director at Face A Face Eyewear, and is a very influential person in the eyewear industry.  He and his business partner Nadine Roth founded Face A Face 20 years ago, and he has been designing the collection for the past twelve years.

I asked him where his inspiration comes from and how he has continued to design such unique and beautiful frames year after year.  In the video he shows several examples of his primary focus lately, which has been in developing the sunglass collection.  He spoke about the Masaii frame, which was inspired by African masks.  He also explained where the unique shape for the sunglass Pomme came from.  He calls it original sin, and explained that it is symbolic of Eve taking a bite of the apple.

I have believed in the importance of telling stories as a way of selling for many years now.  Nowhere is this more important than for those of us who carry independent eyewear.  It is not enough to simply tell someone that a frame is made of titanium and that it is $450.  We not only need to explain the benefits that are derived from the titanium, but we need to go further than that if we are to really provide a wow experience. 

I believe it is important to talk about the people responsible for creating the eyewear.  We should tell our clients who created this collection and for whom they created it.  Telling stories like this adds the human element to the sales transaction.  It gives your client something special to remember about you and the frame you helped them pick out.     

I hope you enjoy my short discussion with Pascal, and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on how I could have made this video better.