Tom Cody Video Interview

I got a phone call in late December from Tom Cody about coming to visit me in January.  Tom is the founder and designer of Zero G Eyewear, and he said he had some new frame designs to show me.  Since Zero G has been one of my premier titanium collections for over four years now, I was really excited to find out that he would be introducing full acetate frames for 2015.

A few days after we spoke I had an aha moment.  What if I interviewed Tom on video while he was at my store?  I could talk to him about all kinds of things like his design inspiration, how a Zero G frame is made, and where the collection is going stylistically in the future.  I am always looking for ways to add value to the marketplace, and this video idea seemed like a fantastic way to do that.

I would then be able to use the video as a great marketing tool at and through social media to promote my business.  I felt like my clients and potential clients would appreciate an inside look at one of the designers behind a collection that we carry. 

Part of our mission at Hicks Brunson Eyewear is to offer luxury eyewear that is made by individuals who are as passionate about making their eyewear as we are about wearing and selling it.  I could not think of a better way to present this concept to the world than by creating a fun on camera interview with one of those designers.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.