Project Football Specs

A couple of years ago a good friend Chris Loeffler from Europa International called me with a request. They had a booth at Cherry Optical's One Day Show at Lambeau Field and wondering if I could come up with a pair of custom lenses for one of their reps, Paul Schlotthauer, who would be wearing his full Packer gear. I ended up coming up with two different designs, a football and a helmet. Talking with Schlotty after the show, he said the design that got the most comments was the football pair.Continuing on last months blog about finishing things on the to-do list, and with the Twin Cities hosting the Superbowl in 2018, I decided now was a good time to tweak the design and make samples of all the team colors. As much as I would love to be able to say that the Vikings are going to be one of the two teams in that match-up, I want to be prepared for any team in case they don't make it. So far I have only had call for a few teams (Vikings, Bears and the Packers) but one day I hope I can say I have made a pair of prescription football specs for a die hard fan of every NFL team. If your office has a football fanatic that would love to wear these to a game feel free to contact me. I hope one day they will take off and to have a dealer in every hosting city :)